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Animate IT! Mobile

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Delivering the Curriculum Through Creativity™

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1. For anyone interested in making animations Animate It! is the perfect starting point

It's got everything you need. You'll love the tutorial videos from world beating animators Aardman, to help you find your own inspiration.

So, if you want to make stop motion animated films, then you've come to the right place so let your imagination run wild...

2. "Everybody knows what a lump of clay is and seeing it come to life is quite a magical thing"

We have worked with the number one stop motion animation film studio in the world, Aardman Animations to create Animate It!

Combining an intuitive interface with stunningly powerful features to create an educational and fun experience. Stop motion or claymation is a fun way to make movies.

3. Fun for All

Young and old(er), at home, studio or school, you can create stunning stop motion movies. Just plug in your webcam, or use your mobile device and start animating.

Educators are excited about the use of stop motion in the classroom. It's fun and engaging, and has a positive affect on the curriculum. It's great for teamwork, language, planning and much more.

Animate It! Fantastic stop-frame animation software that allows you to quickly and easily create your own blockbuster animations.

Just plug in a webcam, grab a model and get animating.

     Use any web cam                  Green Screen

     Onion Skinning                       Import Audio

     Multiple Clips                          Import Images

                                                    Plus more exciting features...

Animate It!

Additional Features

Animation Studio
All you need to start animating, an HD web cam, Animate It! software, green screen, and modelling clay
Find out how to use some of the great features in Animate It! with these great tutorials from Aaardman Animations.
Check out these amazing animations created using 
Animate It!
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