By breaking the seal on a pack or licence envelope containing licence documents, or by purchasing from our online store or other online purchase, your are agreeing to Kudlian Softwares terms and conditions. If you do not agree with this you should return the pack or envelope undamaged and unopened to Kudlian Software Limited or your reseller.


In the case of electronic purchases, we supply demonstration versions of our software products for you to try and test before you commit to purchase, as once purchased we cannot issue a refund for a licence code.

The software licence only entitles you to install and or use the software on the number of machines stated on the licence. You are required by law to have a current licence for each computer that you install the software to.

Please read the following carefully.

  1. The Master Licence, on which your licence code is printed, is your legal document of purchase and as such licences you to install the software to a single computer and to run the software.

  2. Additional licences allow you to legally install the software to additional computers and to run the software on those machines.

  3. You must have a valid licence for each and any computer that you intend to, or have installed, the software to.

Education & Institution Licences

Education & Institution Licences are available as Single Computer, Five Computer, 15 Computer and Site Licence. Software may be installed to the corresponding number of computers on a single geographical site.

Software Licences are non transferrable.

A site license allows the user to install the software package onto several computers at a particular geographical site. A site licence does not cover multiple sites or campuses. If you require the licence to cover multiple sites you are require to contact Kudlian Software Limited.

  1.     A site licence for a Primary School (K-12) allows installation to 50 separate computers at the site. Extension licences are also available.

  2.    A Site Licence for a Secondary or High School, allows installation to 70 separate computers. Extension licences are also available.

Trial Licences

A trial license gives you the right to execute and use our titles for a limited period (duration for different titles may vary), from the date of installation. You can use a trial license on any of the currently supported platforms: Mac OS X, and Windows (usually one machine per operating system). You are entitled to free email support and online updates during the trial period.

After your trial period, you must purchase a commercial license to continue legally using the software. Once purchased, a commercial license does not require an active Internet connection, and allows you to install and run the software in accordance with the licence that you purchase. An internet connection is required for updates however.

The advantage of our trial licensing system is that you have the chance to work with a fully functional application that allows you to open, process and save images without limitations for a limited period of time. You don't need to care about maximum file sizes or image dimensions, watermarks on saved images, or disabled features: what you try out is exactly the same product that you can purchase later.

Lost Licences

We strongly advise you to register your licence code with us through our online registration service.

If you have lost the licence card(s) you need to try to obtain the following information:

  1. Where was the software purchased and when?

  2. Did you register it online?

  3. Do you still have the software installed and registered on any machines?

  4. Do you have the original order or receipt as proof of purchase?

If we are able to validate your purchase, then we can issue a new licence, a £35 administration fee will be charged.

If we have to issue a new Master Licence number, then we will have to invoice for the replacement Master Licence. The cost for this is 40% of the current licence cost. Please contact us directly to discuss this.

Where can I find my Licence number?

  1. If you still have the Licence card/or a printed manual the Licence number may be printed on it.

  1. Until you can produce a Master Licence, and additional licences where applicable, you are NOT legally entitled to install or run the software on any computers.

In order to comply with your licence requirements, you must either find the original licence(s) or, failing that, obtain a Master Replacement Licence directly from us or remove the software form your computer(s).

Master Licence Replacement Scheme

A Master Replacement Licence supersedes and invalidates any other licences held by the institution or person, for that product. It will contain details of the total number of licences held for that product.

Should you wish to purchase additional licences for a product at a later date, you can ONLY do so by returning the Master Replacement Licence for upgrade directly to us.

Cost to the school for a Master Replacement Licence costs 40% of the original licence cost. This price includes recorded delivery.

If the original licence(s) are later found, they are no longer valid and should be destroyed to avoid any confusion.

Stolen Licences

Licences that are stolen/destroyed should be claimed for by the school through their normal insurance claims procedure. Following that, new copies of the software can be purchased.

Home User Licences

Licences that are purchased through our online store are for installation to a single 'home' computer only. They are not eligible for upgrade to education licences nor can they be used to upgrade to multiple user or site licences. You should contact us directly for Education prices.

Family Licences

Family Licences allow for the installation of the software to a maximum of three 'home' computers at a single geographical site. They are not for use with education establishments, nor eligible for upgrade to education licences nor can they be used to upgrade to multiple user or site licences. You should contact us directly for Education prices.

Licences and Licensing

Please read carefully

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