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A sturdy webcam that gives an excellent resolution to match. This high quality webcam is ideal for use with desktop PCs and laptops and works as standard (without any additional software) with Windows XP or above and Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Manual focus and a multi direction adjustable stand make it an ideal starter webcam to be used in stop frame animation and an ideal companion for Animate It!

It also features a built-in microphone for voice chat, and LED lights which can be manually adjusted using a wheel attached to the 1.3m USB lead. (Not designed to light an animation set)

Also ideal for Skype and other video chatting software.

£19.95 call for details

B3 HD Webcam


  1. High resolution lens high quality images

  2. Entirely metal & extremely sturdy

  3. Built in microphone and LED lights

  4. Works with Skype and MSN

  5. Driverless - works without additional software