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Mac OS X 10.5.7 & 10.6**

Pro Animate was used to create the multi award winning ‘I Wish I Went to Ecuador’ animation.

(Replaced with I Can Animate)

ProAnimate was specifically designed for the growing demands of animation enthusiasts and media students, Pro Animate provided state of the art features and tools to allow users to produce stunning movies with ease. Coupled with sophisticated export options, Pro Animate made animating both easier and enjoyable.
Other features for Pro Animate also included:
  - Support for various screen formats including 16:9 
  - Ability to switch between cameras easily.
  - Canon DSLR Support Live View required*  
Audio Syncing.
  - Rotoscoping.
  - Drawing Tools.
  - Multi-level onion skinning.
  - Real time frame averaging.
  - Motion blur & other effects.

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