I Can Animate is a Universal Binary
PC - Windows
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You may download Banner from this page. The download is both the demonstration version and will also upgrade exiting users to the latest version.

Whilst unregistered this product is time-limited, with saving and printing disabled


The current published version of Banner for Windows is 1.2.0

A web based installer is currently unavailable for Banner version 1.2.0 for Windows. An archived download is available . Please be sure you are familiar with using archived files before installing.

Download here(13MB)

You will need to unzip the archive before installing.
Once unzipped, run the Setup.exe Application. On Windows 7 or later Right click on this application and choose the Run as Administrator option.

Macintosh OS X

The latest version of Banner for Mac OS X is 1.0.0. Works up t0 and including Mac OS X 10.6 only

To download Banner for Mac, click on the this link...

Download the Banner Manual manual