I Can Animate
I Can Animate is a Universal Binary
PC - Windows

I Can Animate, the Stop Motion Animation tool for budding animators.

Used by educators and film makers world wide.

System Requirements

Mac Users

Minimum recommended requirements for using I Can Animate:

  • Mac OS X 10.3, 10.4, 10.5 and 10.6
  • 512MB of free memory
  • Screen size of 1024 x 768 pixels
  • The latest version of I Can Animate

Windows PC Users

Minimum recommended requirements for using I Can Animate:

  • Step 1 A PC Computer running Windows XP SP2 or later, Windows Vista
  • I Can Animate 1 is not supported for running on Windows 7 and 8. You should update to I Can Animate 2.
  • Step 2 Make sure you are installing the latest version of I Can Animate
  • Step 3 Windows XP requires .Net Framework 3.0 available as a free download from Microsoft's website.*
  • Step 4 Now install I Can Animate.

Microsoft Windows 3.1 installer is a minimum installer requirement for installing software.

  • I Can Animate 1 is not supported for running on Windows 7 and 8. You should update to I Can Animate 2.
  • General

    • QuickTime 7, Free download.* Required to export QuickTime movies.
    • Minimum of 256MB of free memory.
    • Camera: USB Webcam, iSight or FireWire DV Camera. More...



    *Internet access required for downloads and updates.

    PC Users, will your camera work? Download this test utility FREE.

    I Can Animate Box

    Home Users
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    Windows Network Installation

    An MSI allowing installation of I Can Animate to a Windows network is available. Please read these instructions very carefully before attempting this. Can also be used for RM networks.

    Download MSI, contact Kudlian for details.


    Animate in Six Easy Steps. Find out how...

    • Video can be captured from a digital video camera, or a web cam such as the iMage Webcam or an iSight
    • Frames are captured into clips which helps you manage your project. These are then exported as clips within an iMovie project
    • Create animations by drawing directly within the application
    • Supports 'onion skinning'
    • The time lapse feature can automatically capture a series of frames with a configurable time interval.

    Which DV Camera will work?

    Try one of Canon's MD 215 and other Mini DV cameras in the MD rangeimage

    Please ensure the specification includes a DV Out terminal.

    Watch Tristan Oliver, from Aardmann Animation, demonstrate the secrets of animation at a special BAFTA Families event.

    Take Animation Further

    Curtis JoblingCurtiss Jobling, designer of Bob the Builder and creator of Frankenstein's Cat.

    "I was first made aware of the I Can Animate programme when I was hosting a series of animation workshops with a primary school in the North East of England.

    The children who took part in the class had little knowledge of film and certainly no experience in animation.

    To see how quickly they took to the task with the help of the I Can Animate software was quite simply breathtaking." Read More...

    Watch Tristan Oliver, from Aardmann Animation, demonstrate the secrets of animation at a special BAFTA Families event.

    Layers and Flexibilty

    Why not place a background image behind your drawing?

    • By setting a chroma key colour you can film a subject and place it against a different background.
    • The drawing layer sits on top of the video layer so that you can ‘photo retouch’ the images you have captured without changing the video images themselves. For example removing any strings or rods attached to objects.
    • Frames and clips can be easily reordered just by clicking and dragging.

    Export and Share your Work

    • Your work is made into a QuickTime movie, perfect for sharing or using on the internet
    • Customise your exported movie using the full range of formats and sizes
    • An exported movie can later be used for content on a DVD (ideal for use in iDVD)

    Using I Can Animate
    Enlarge: Create Stop-Frame Animation

    Using I Can Animate
    Enlarge: Clay Animation


    2006 Macworld Awards

    I Can Animate was nominated for the Macworld Awards 2006 in the category of Animation and 3D.
    I Can Animate was highly commended.

    I Can Animate won at the 2006 ERA

    I Can Animate was a Winner at the Education Resources Awards - 2006.

    "Now in their eighth successful year, The Education Resources Awards highlight the quality and diversity of educational products and resources, excellent educational establishments and the most dedicated members of the teaching profession and supplies industry, all working together to encourage the very best in education."

    I Can Animate is BETT 2006 Shortlisted

    I Can Animate was short listed for the BETT Awards 2006 in the category of Early Years and Primary Software, Content, and Tools.

    "The BETT Awards play a key role in identifying and rewarding high quality technological products and services that are proving to be effective in the education sector."


    Macworld Award I Can Animate 5 out of 5

    "If you're looking for a way to introduce children to movie making, or even just want a go yourself, I strongly recommend I Can Animate; it has some excellent features at a reasonable price."

    – Macworld

    "I would not write a testimonial for a piece of software unless I believed that it goes over and above what I expected of it. I Can Animate does that."

    – John d’Abbro, Head Teacher: New Rush Hall School

    "The software not only delivers appropriate opportunities for disengaged and disaffected pupils, but also engages Gifted and Talented (and all other ability levels in between!) allowing them to discover their creative talents in an appropriate educational environment. In short I heartily recommend this software and encourage teachers and pupils to try it, without delay."

    – Andy Williams, Centre Manager: Sunderland CLC @ St. Roberts

    "I have recommended this program to many colleagues and feel that there is no other software program that can compare for ease of use and the ability to motivate pupils to create imaginative digital animations and have a positive impact upon their learning and self esteem."

    – Anne Garner, Head Teacher, Church Aston Infant School

    "This is an exciting, innovative product - at our school we have only just begun to explore its possibilities and are hoping this year to make use of the chroma key facilities to give even more exciting results!"

    – Rosemary Gledhill: Jessie Younghusband School

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