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Green Screen

Presentations & Movies

The Power 2 Inspire, Create & Perform

NEW version for Windows (Mac soon)

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Chroma Key

Split Screen

Picture in Picture

Create Sports Reports, Weather Forecasts, MFL & Video Presentations

New - Use PowerPoint or Keynote slides & other PDF’sin your presentations

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1. Create your slides

Use the built-in image library or import you own background pictures or PDF.

Add symbols, news ticker and watermark, for an ‘authentic’ news broadcast feel

2. Film your presentation

Film in front of a green (or blue) screen to allow the slides to appear behind the presenter

Read from the built in teleprompter for a flawless presentation

Live Preview

3. Finished!

Watch your presentation and share with others.

Use I Can Present for a news day

Ideal for supporting MFL and English as a second language

So versatile you can use it in all curriculum areas and with all ages

Mini iHelp Guide - iOS

Watch how to fold it.