Windows Network Installation

Deploying Using Active Directory

Please note there are specific installation guides for I Can Animate and I Can Present, please select the appropriate link.

Step 1: Check the prerequisites

Please check the system requisites for each application before you begin installation. Network installs might require additional prerequisites.

Step 2: Locate .MSI file

Download the latest version of the software through our website  We would always advise that you use the very latest version of MSI. 

Network MSI’s have also been made available through the website to specifically use with an MST file where indicated.

Step 3: Generate an .MST

Generate an .MST (Microsoft Transform) file so that your registration details are copied to the client machines as part of the installation process. To do this, you will need to use our online tool. Please do not use any other MST tool supplied on CD or by a third party as this might result in the software not being installed correctly:

Click on this link to open your browser and the MST Tool

  1. Select your product from the drop down menu

  2. Enter your registration details.

  3. Enter  the network product key. The tool will not check whether your serial number is correct, so make sure you write it exactly as it appears on your registration card, including hyphens.

  4. Click "Generate MST"

Step 4: Create a new Active Directory package

  1. Place the .msi and the .mst on a network share

  2. Create a new package in Active Directory, using the .msi. Select "Advanced" deployment method.

  3. On the "Modifications" tab, click add and locate the .mst

  4. Choose the remainder of the deployment options as you normally would.

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