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HD Webcams


  1. High resolution lens high quality images

  2. Entirely metal & extremely sturdy

  3. Built in microphone and LED lights

  4. Works with Skype and MSN

  5. Driverless - works without additional software

The webcam you have ordered either in your studio, or as a separate unit, may differ from that shown in the graphics or listed on websites alongside other products.

Technology changes quickly and manufacturers often modify the specifications or discontinue older lines of cameras. When this happens we will endeavour to substitute the webcam with one of a similar specification or higher.

The Kinobo B3 camera, released in 2012, has been discontinued (2018) and is no longer available for purchase. You may see one or two for sale on websites and in catalogues but these are now old stock and will soon disappear.

The entry level camera we are replacing this with is the TeckNet® C016 USB HD  Webcam.

“It offers full HD with outstanding lens quality featuring a glass, 5-element construction offering up to 5.0 megapixel (2560 x 1920) image capture for crisp, bright images with rich natural colour. Manual focusing allows you to achieve the perfect picture with a simple to use focus ring.”

Like the B3 it has LED lights and “built-in microphone that features noise reduction and echo cancelling technology to reduce unwanted noise so you’ll be certain that your recorded video will capture naturally clear sounding audio.”

The C016 is ‘plug and play’, and will work, without the need for drivers on both Windows and Mac platforms.

It comes with a built in stand that can be used for low level work and clips to a screen if required as well as a table top camera tripod which you can used to mount the camera onto the table top tripod, which we supply with the camera. Where required we also supply an adapter.