Free eBooks

We’ve created some free eBooks to help you use our great Apps

They are easy to use and install to your iOS device.

Download directly to your iOS device

    You will need iZip or a similar tool to unzip files and an internet connection.

  1. Download the eBook file to your device through your bowser and, when prompted, select “Open in...” and choose iZip.

  2. Confirm to extract the file.

  3. Once extracted, tap the file from the list and you’ll be given another ‘Open in’ option.

  4. Choose iBooks from the options given

The book will appear on the shelf.

Using a computer...

  1.     First download the eBook .zip file to your computer

  2.     Double Click the file to expand it.

  1.     Drag and drop the eBooks file to iTunes

  2.     When iTunes opens, the book will appear in your Books Library

  3.     Next time you synch with your iOS devices, the book will be copied across

            to your device(s).

Now open your iPad or other iOS device.

  1.     On your iOS device, launch the iBooks app

  2.     It will be populated with any eBooks installed

  3.     Tap the book you wish to read.



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Free eBooks