Installation & Registration - OS X

          •Download Animate It! from our website, run the installer. http://www.kudlian.net 

          •A filer window will open, run the Animate It! installer package and follow the on screen instructions. 

          •Once the installation is complete, run Animate It! from your Applications folder. 
Click on the Animate It! menu at the top of the screen and from the list that  

appears, select Register now...

          •Enter your details and the serial number which can be found on the licence card included in the software pack or that has been eMailed to you. 

NOTE; serial numbers do not contain the letter ‘o’ we use only the number zero.

          •Animate It! will run for a trial period of 7 days after which you will need to enter a valid serial number to continue to use it. 
To keep you up to date with developments and to help with technical support, 

please register your product online at:



On Mac OSX 10.10 and above you might be notified that the software is from an unidentified developer and cannot therefore be installed. Don’t worry, this should not happen but if it does here’s what to do.

First, how it works in El Capitan (10.11)

To understand the changes, let’s look at what was offered before Sierra. Previously (or currently, if you’re not running Sierra), in El Capitan. the setting looked like this after running System Preferences.

In El Capitan, you have the option to allow apps that you downloaded from the internet, without any intervention from the operating system.

“Allow apps downloaded from” has three settings:

•Mac App Store: The Mac will only run apps downloaded from the Mac App Store.

•Mac App Store and identified developers: When you try to open a new app and it’s not on the list of identified developers that’s saved within the operating system, the Mac tells you it can’t open it. To open the app, you have to go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy, and click the Open Anyway button that appears in the General tab.

•Anywhere: You’ll see a notification that says the new app you want to open was downloaded from the internet, and you need to confirm that you want to open it.

The change in the Mac OS Sierra

The major change is that Apple removed the Anywhere setting. If you had this setting selected in El Capitan and you’ve upgraded to the Sierra, you won’t be able to open downloaded apps like you’re used to.

The General tab of the Security and Privacy system preference.

If you want to open an app that you didn’t buy in the Mac App Store and instead downloaded it from a developer on the internet, there is a quick way to overcome this.

The quick way to open an unidentified, downloaded app in the Sierra

After you download the app and move it to your Applications folder, right-click (ctrl - click)) on it and select Open.

If the App is an installer you can run it from the download folder using Ctrl Click and open.

After you select Open, you will see a warning . Click OK to open the app or run the installer.

Sierra adds the developer to its internal list of identified developers so you can open other apps from the same developer.