Getting Started

Deleting Frames, Undo/Redo

Onion Skinning

Duplication Frames

Duplicationg & Reversing Frames

Adding Sound

Adding Images to a Background (Chroma Key)

Chroma Key Mask

Adding Titles

Drawing Tools

User Guides

Did You Know?

Morph never puts on or loses weight! He has always been 162g.

Now that he has finished growing Morph will not get any taller than the ‘heady’  14cm that he now is.

Home - the ‘terracotta terror’ lives in an artist's wooden pencil box.

If you are currently using Animate It! on Windows or Mac OS X and have a valid licence, then Kudlian Software are happy to provide you with an equivalent I Can Animate Licence completely FREE of charge*.

.Please contact us by FILLING IN THIS FORM, and remember, you will need your Animate It! licence details to update to the latest version of I Can Animate.