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Create stunning banners quickly and easily.
Requires Windows XP, Vista or 7, Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5 or 10.6. Not Suitable for OS X 10.7.


Suitable for all ages

Banner is one of the easiest applications you are ever likely to use. It is has been especially designed for printing large, wide banners quickly and easily. Our Banner application is already very popular with schools for producing signs, notices and display headings. The special features of Banner make this product really versatile.

  • Over 100 borders
  • Embedded graphics within text
  • Drop shadows in four directions
  • Background variations include: plain; graduated; stretched or repeated graphics
  • Full colour control of text, background, shadowing, plain and graduated backgrounds
  • Imports graphic files
  • Fully WYSIWYG preview window
  • The banner length is not limited by page size and may be set to print continuously with an appropriate printer

Using the plugin

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Please Note MSI and CC3 installers
are not available for Banner


Banner in Macintosh OS X
Enlarge: Banner in Mac OS X

Banner is not dependant on user age or educational stage.

Key Stages: 1 – 4

Scotland: 5 – 15, all levels

This application can be used in any curriculum area to create large colourful display banners for classroom walls.

Banner's intuitive nature makes it ideal for establishments focusing on pupils with special needs.


Using the plugin

"The beauty of this program is its simplicity, it's ideal for anyone looking for a way of printing large, wide banners quickly."

– Micro Computer Mart

"It is refreshing to have software that doesn't set out to do everything, but that tries to do something well and in a direct way. For fast production of display board banners this is ideal and worth the expenditure."

– Computer Education

"I have hardly been in a school where Banner from Kudlian has not been used to good effect."

– Interactive

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