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ReTreeval in Mac OS X
Enlarge: ReTreeval on a Macintosh

ReTreeval allows you to organise, reorganise and analyse data quickly and easily. With ReTreeval users can easily use and create branching databases and decision trees

  • ReTreeval not only supports questions that require a Yes or a No answer, ReTreeval can ask for example, “What colour is it?”
  • Data can be entered quickly, and with consistency
  • Answers can be entered from the keyboard or selected from a menu
  • No two items can have exactly the same characteristics. If this happens then ReTreeval will ask for a new characteristic to differentiate between the two


Please note: ReTreeval is designed for Windows 95, 98 and ME. No compatibility with either Windows XP or Windows 2000 is guaranteed. On Mac OS X this product has not been tested after OS X 10.4 and should be replaced with Ask Oscar

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