Essential for creating special effects in animations and movies

Chroma Key Screens


For animation and digital video, the use of a chroma key screen is essential to produce the highly popular "green or blue screen" effect.

Our chroma key screens are available in two standard sizes.

  • 1.8 metres by 3.0 metres approx, hemmed on each side and has loops for convenient placement. Ideal for use with I Can Present.
    1.8m x 2.0m approx, green screens include a rigid frame and loops for hanging.
  • Animation screens. These are approximately 1m x 0.5m
  • Please note no frames are supplied with screens unless specifically stated.

    Please contact us directly for Education prices on chroma key screens and for availability.

    This highly saturated and accurately colour-balanced fabric is a great start in creating high quality chroma keyed video results.

    View an example of the chroma key technique used with stop-frame animation

A Chroma Key Weather Map in iMovie
Enlarge: Our Chroma Key with Digital Video



  • Studio quality:
    Optimal for electronic compositing
  • An excellent choice in the filming of stop-frame animation, using a tool that supports this feature:
    (e.g. I Can Animate)
  • Ideally suited for digital video with the fantastic new I Can Present

Stop Frame Animation With Our Screen
Enlarge: Animation with Chroma Key

Chroma Key - Getting the best from your screen

View this document as a convenient Adobe Acrobat document:

The right lighting is essential. ChromaKey backdrops should ideally be evenly lit (i.e. with a light at a 45 degree angle at each side) and two stops brighter than the subject. This means that the backdrop is effectively over-exposed and very little detail is apparent. Yes, that really means that you should have three or more lights!