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DataSweet for Mac OS X 10 is currently not supported after Mac OS X 10.6

Mac OS X Q. It may be just our set up here but we can run as Administrator but not as a user. This is not a regular occurrence but might happen on some Mac networks, and we are unable to recreate this situation but...

There were a few things you need to do as well as copy the folder of installed and registered applications.

The Frameworks needed to be installed in /Library/Frameworks

to get Datasweet, sweet...

The library libftd2xx.0.1.6 needed to be in /usr/local/lib/ I think the DataSweet installer puts it there.

Then change permissions on the folder to make it work.

chown root:wheel /usr/local/lib

chmod 755 /usr/local/lib

Q. Are MSI and RM CC3 network installers available for DataSweet?

Yes. The latest CD's contain both MSI and CC3 network installers. Please contact us for details.

Q. Windows: How do I change the default location files are opened or saved from?

When you open or save a file, DataSweet takes you, by default, to its own directory in Program Files.

In multi-user environments, networks and for security reasons, you may wish to redirect the open and save dialogue box to some other location.

This can be achieved by editing the properties of the shortcut used to run DataSweet as follows:

Right-click the shortcut and click Properties.

Edit the Start in: box to read the folder of your choice. For example, if all users have a U: drive which is mapped to their user area on the server, you would change the Start in: box to read U:\ instead of "C:\Program Files\Kudlian Soft\DataSweet\". (If you have any spaces in your chosen location, you will need to retain the speech marks around the text. If not, speech marks are not required).

Click OK. The next time someone runs DataSweet, the open and save dialogue boxes will point the user at the new location.

Q. Windows: DataSweet reports it is unable to open a file named MSJTER35.DLL

There is a known problem with DataSweet 3.5.0 that may affect a small number of users when trying to create or open a database file.

This error only appears when using the database and does not affect DataPlot or DataCalc.

If you have received this version then you will need to download this patch. You must have installed 3.5.0 in order to use this patch. It will not work against any previous version of DataSweet.