(Q) Windows: Error 482 when printing from Banner

There are known issues with network printer paths. Paths containing spaces and other "unusual" characters (excluding " _ ") may cause this error. Please check the network path for the printer from within the Windows Control Panel. To ascertain whether this is an issue, try capturing a port and re-directing that port to the required network path. This will enable the Microsoft Visual BASIC run-time to print to LPTx: but then allow the operating system to re-direct the output to the desired printer on the network.

(Q) Windows: There does not appear to be a Manual!

When Banner is installed to your computer a manual is automatically installed alongside.

Go to the Start button on your Windows screen and then traverse through the menus to Banner. You will see in the Banner menu the Banner Manual.

It is a PDF file and may be printed out.

Mac users have a PDF file on their CD that can be copied to a suitable location

(Q) Windows: Some fancy borders fail to display correctly

This difficulty has been noted for development. At the present time please refrain from printing the isolated erroneous borders.

(Q) Windows: I have difficulty printing with an Oki/Tally printer

Due to the increase of both quality and resolution in printers the memory overhead has on occasion grown beyond limitations. This is believed to be the basis for this problem, which is still being investigated.

(Q) Windows: When running Banner one of the windows is missing/blank or, I seem to have lost the automatic preview window on Banner.

This is usually due to one of two reasons, but both can be fixed in the same way. The following steps are required when the Banner registry entries have become damaged or settings are outside the 'normal' values. These steps should only be performed by a user familiar with the Windows Registry.

          Run Regedit.exe



          Kudlian Soft


          Remove the keys: EffectsWindowPos, MainWindowPos and PreviewWindowPos