The latest macOS operating systems, post 10.14/15 and including macOS 11 & 12, cause a number of issues for both I CAN ANIMATE & I CAN PRESENT.

Both of these products were built around Apple’s QuickTime framework, which was deprecated from macOS Catalina, and cannot run without it.  We can therefore no longer support I Can Animate and I Can Present in their currently published form on macOS X10.15 onwards. BUT BEFORE YOU PANIC...


We are confident that these applications will be fully compliant shortly, but must apologise for the fact that they currently will NOT work on macOS X 10.15. onwards  The work to update has been problematic and is currently being affected by COVID restrictions and lockdown, but we were pleased that both test versions of the products initially worked better than we expected. In a subsequent release of macOS X 10.15 however, issues started to appear that are taking time to work through and involved a considerable rewrite.

The issues mean we are unable to say exactly when the applications will be released, but they are close and we thank you for being patient.

We are not alone in experiencing these issues. You might also have seen that some of the largest international software

publishers are still experiencing issues releasing compliant updates for macOS, to the point that one or two announced that they would be pulling their software from the macOS X platform completely.

We will however, have versions available soon.

We've also decided to give our applications a 'face lift' which unfortunately is delaying us further, but it will be worth it.

Before we can release updates, we must also be sure we have tested as thoroughly as we can and that the applications meet our high standards.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this causes and you can be assured we are working as quickly as possible to provide a stable product. You'll also be pleased to know, that current version 2 licence codes will be valid for their respective products.


Our delivery of the macOS update has been further delayed due to the current world situation. In order to protect staff we have closed our offices and staff are following government guidelines. This restricts the amount of development work we can do and further delays the release dates. We will release as soon as we are able, we are sorry for this unforeseen and forced delay.

Here's a taster for the up and coming versions, these are probably not the latest screen shots:


I Can Present 2

macOS 11 &12 and later versions of macOS, also includes 10.14 and 10.15