Where Has Animate It! Gone?

Nowhere, really it's changed it's name, back to I Can Animate - same great application...

March 2020 Animate It! News

Animate It! is reverting back to its roots. I Can Animate is the orignal, award winning, Stop Frame Animation application and is used by thousands of budding animators, in schools and by home users, all over the world. We were asked by Aardman Animations, to produce an application for stop motion animation to be sold under the Animate It! brand. Technically and functionally, both applications are very very similar.

Aardman Animations decided that Animate IT! stop motion animation software does not fit in with their current business model and it has therefore been withdrawn from their portfolio. The current versions of Animate It! for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android will no longer be available to purchase and will not be updated with any later versions or features, but don't panic!

This does not affect I Can Animate in any way, and we will continue to develop and release updates and new versions of I Can Animate on all the currently supported platforms.

If you are currently using Animate It! on Windows or Mac OS X and have a valid licence, then Kudlian Software are happy to provide you with an equivalent I Can Animate Licence completely FREE of charge*. (It's got the same great features).

Please contact us by FILLING IN THIS FORM, and remember, you will need your Animate It! licence details to update to the latest version of I Can Animate.

Mobile Apps

Animate It! Lite and Animate It! mobile versions, for iOS and Android tablets and mobile phones, cannot be updated to I Can Animate mobile licences. If you require further information or clarification then please contact us preferably by eMail.

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*Valid proof of a current licence must be provided, including the licence code, to receive your I Can Animate licence(s).

This offer does not apply to versions of Animate It! Lite for dekstop, Animate It! version 1, and any mobile versions of Animate It!

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