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I CAn Animate

“Of the all the creative software I've ever used with young people (and not so young people!) it’s been the most universally engaging and inclusive.”

James Reader - Animator & Film Maker

Capture from any HD Webcam.

Use the software to take images using a USB webcam to create your animation.

Onion skinning

Choose to onion skin up to five frames at a time to ensure you have smooth flawless action

Import Audio

Add an audio clip from your music library or record directly from a microphone

Import Video & Images

Import both still images and video to use as a background in your animations


Add 2D shapes to your animation or use as a masking tool


Add that movie feel with titles, subtitles and credits


Green Screen

Remove a colour from your animation and import images and moviesbehind it

HD Export

Choose from a range of export resolutions, including HD (HD Camera required)

Cross Platform

Whether you're on Windows or Mac, I Can Animate is the software for you

Time Lapse

Set up your camera and use the time lapse setting to record action over a long period of time

And there's more...

     ⁍ Playback, review and edit your animation at any point

     ⁍ Onion skinning over multiple frames

     ⁍ Autosave, so you never lose your work again

     ⁍ Mulitple Undo and redo

     ⁍ Supports multiple clips

     ⁍ Set playback frame rates on clips

     ⁍ Dplicate and reverse frames

and thats not all!